Beautiful Lourmarin

For the first time since starting the A to Z this month, we’re hopping across to the other side of the Luberon to the pretty little village of Lourmarin, set at the foot of the southern flank, at the bottom of the Combe, the little pass that cuts between the Petit & Grand Luberon hills.

The village nestling at the foot of the Luberon

It’s a beautiful village and is a wonderful little place to explore, with its narrow cobbled streets, pretty houses and beautifully restored chateau. It has always been one of my favourite places to pass a morning, especially on a Friday, when the plane-tree shaded streets are closed to traffic, and the market sets up, filling the central square and roadways with a wonderful collection of stalls.

Early start on market day

Visiting the market is always a very lovely way to pass a morning, browsing the stalls, which here, include a great selection of handmade crafts too, as well as the usual produce, clothing and homewares.

I always tend to arrive early, as I love being able to wander around before it gets too busy, taking my time to potter past the stalls, finding the bits that I need…. and a few bits I don’t need as well.

Lovely crafts

Even early in the morning, there are some stalls that always have queues here, long-term firm favourites for people, who always arrive early to make sure they get what they have come for… This is especially the case with the bread stall, that is set up near the flowers, with huge handmade loaves that are sold by the kilo weight, rather than per loaf, as each one is cut to order, as requested by the customer. They always seem to be nearly sold out by mid-morning and it’s understandable as the bread is superb.

The queue for the bread stall under the blue and white umbrella

The benefit of getting there at this time too, is that by mid-morning, I am ready to sit at one of the tables in front of Cafe Gaby, in the heart of the old village, simply enjoying a coffee, and watching the bustle start to build around me. It’s such a simple pleasure, and more often than not, one coffee turns into two, as I just enjoy the atmosphere and listening to the babble of voices I can’t explain how much I am missing this aspect of life at the moment.

Waiting for people to arrive … early peace

There is something about watching a place fill with people that I love, I was one of those people always keen to arrive at a concert, or rugby match, hours before the start, just to sit and watch the stadium, or arena fill, listening to the noise build, and taking in the details that I would otherwise miss.

A second coffee is often needed

It’s at this time of day that you can see the little things that happen, which just make you smile, like the time the street was blocked with a broken-down car. This would normally result in a cacophony of horns and more than a few frustrated arm gestures, but this is Lourmarin & surprisingly everyone just accepted they were likely to be there for a while, got out of their cars to get a coffee & have a chat. This lasted quite a while, until the local Policeman arrived to deal with the problem, with the help of the Postman – Clearly the officer wasn’t expecting such an early call as he arrived wearing jeans with his official uniform jacket. All I can say is that it was an incredibly relaxed response to a situation, that I would normally have imagined would have seen tempers frayed!

The pretty main street

After a good hour, just sitting and watching (it’s amazing how quickly time goes), it’s always lovely to explore the village a little further, popping into the galleries and dreaming about being able to own some of the incredible artwork that is on offer, from an array of artists.

There are also memories of the businesses of times gone by, with the ghost-markings of old, painted shop signs and adverts still visible on some of the buildings

IMG_3921 (1)
Beautiful old shop front

And some superb architectural features, like this incredible fountain, which somehow manages to be beautiful, and rather gruesome at the same time

Wonderful but slightly gruesome

The village is filled with a wonderful selection of shops too that always tempt me in, especially the lovely L’Apothicaire, with its superb selection of pieces and always a very friendly welcome, although sadly Max, the gentle Retriever is no longer there for us to stroke…. I can just imagine Millie here, and nothing would be left intact!

Lovely old Max RIP

The little brocante shop, near the post office is always worth a little visit too, and over the years I have picked up a few beautiful bits that have worked their way into my jewellery. It’s taken a while, but I’m finally set up and starting to stock my Etsy shop anew from France, although it will take me a while to get it fully back up and running after the move, as unfortunately it just couldn’t be transferred across

One of my little brocante finds destined to become a cuff

It is just such a beautiful little village to amble around, with its honey-coloured stone buildings and the stunning Chateau, which is certainly the jewel in its crown. The beautiful building started as a 12th century fortress, and changed hands over the centuries, being transformed (in the 16th century) into the Renaissance building, we see today, by the Agoult family, who owned so many of the Chateaux in the area.

Such a stunning building

It later fell into a state of disrepair, and was at a point of ruin, when in 1920 a French historian and businessman, Robert Laurent-Vibert, fell in love with it and bought it on sight, to save it from being lost forever and becoming the site of a planned stone quarry. He initiated a total restoration of the beautiful old building, but sadly died in a car accident just 5 years later.

The work though continued and the Chateau was donated to the Academy of Arts and Science at Aix, with the condition that they set up a foundation to welcome young artists, sculptors and musicians each summer, which they have done since 1929.

Chateau in festival mode

It is a beautiful chateau to visit and the calendar of events during the summer is always (in normal times) packed with excellent events, from exhibitions to music festivals. It is so hard to imagine that if Laurent-Vibert hadn’t visited and decided to save it from destruction, that there would have been a quarry, rather than a chateau on the edge of this beautiful little place

Hard to imagine this could have been a quarry

To be honest, it is one of my favourite villages, cosy, sociable and there is always lots going on. If you have the chance to go it’s well worth a visit …..

21 thoughts on “Beautiful Lourmarin

  1. I love reading your blogs Julie, it sounds so beautiful where you are. I hope you get to fulfil your dream of living over here full-time in due course.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Irene, I’m pleased you’re enjoying them & it really is a special place. I’m finding it harder & harder to hear back to the U.K. & our eldest son has the chance to settle here for at least the next year, which is great so we just keep looking forward …. hope all is well & take care


  2. I visited Loumarin last Spring and absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, we arrived on a Friday just as everyone was packing up their stalls, so we missed the market. It’s get to be able to see what it was like from your post. I’ll have to visit again so that I can go to it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love those baskets – we have a few now squirreled away in various places and I am always tempted by new ones. Needless to say they usually get filled whenever we visit any of our local markets #AllAboutFrance

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aah, I really need to get myself to Lourmarin tout de suite! I’d almost forgotten the joys of sitting in a French café nursing a café au lait and a croissant. Lourmarin looks absolutely lovely both for its market and the castle which my kids would love to explore. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great market to visit & the village is so pretty to wander around too – there really is nothing nicer than watching the bustle whilst sitting with a coffee – so relaxing & often entertaining too! #FarawayFiles

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I adore this region of France, the colours and aromas are incredible, particularly like you mention the fresh bread and the spices.
    You’re right about arriving early to these towns, it’s just great to sit and enjoy people watching.
    Reading your post has certainly tempted my taste buds to return. #farawayfiles

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  5. What a lovely read. On a dreary grey day in London I can almost feel the warmth of the Lourmarin sunshine and taste the coffee. Cafes and markets are some of my favourite things to do when in France. I’m now longing for summer holidays. #FarawayFiles

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  6. Oh, you had me at the very first photo! Everything about this sounds so wonderful! Lucky you going whenever you’d like! My favorite was the shuttered window with the sages ghost sign. That’s a keeper!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks – it is such a lovely place to be able to spend a morning – shopping for food is always a delight – never a chore! Heading back out this week so there’s every chance I’ll be there again on Friday #FarawayFiles

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