Cycling with a Saddlebag of Memories… 2 days to go

The days are ticking down and after so many false starts, it finally looks as if our long-hoped for ‘Saddlebag of Memories’ bike ride is actually going to happen. It’s nearly 7 years since Andy rode the Velodyssey with the boys on a Moor to Med cycling adventure down the west coast of France, whilst … More Cycling with a Saddlebag of Memories… 2 days to go

Exploring the History

Over 30 years ago, when we first visited the Luberon, we took to our bikes, cycling the back-roads to explore the beautiful, historic villages, and we remember riding over an old bridge across the Calavon river, below Bonnieux, when we were making our way to Roussillon. What we didn’t realise at the time, was that … More Exploring the History

Exploring By Bike

There is something about pottering around this area on two wheels that simply makes my heart sing, as it’s just such a delight for all your senses: It may be the beautiful views, perhaps taking a moment or two to sit on a wall watching the sunlight shift across the landscape, or laying the bike … More Exploring By Bike

Exploring on Foot

Out of high season, The Luberon is a great area to explore on foot. There is a wonderful network of well-marked hiking trails, with many of the villages having their own circular walks too.. In the height of summer, it can be too hot to really walk any distance, and many of the forests and … More Exploring on Foot

Travelling again

After a gentle weekend, today has been another mad travelling day, and considering it was only organised in Friday, it’s actually gone rather well. This weekend, it really did feel as if Spring was forcing her way forward, with me stopping in my tracks, whilst we were out walking, on hearing the lilting (and simply … More Travelling again

A Day out in Arles

This week has flown by, to the extent that it feels as if someone has been playing with time. Whereas last week the days slipped comfortably by, these last 7 days have hurtled past, with so much going on that it’s been hard to keep up. It’s felt as if I’ve stumbled my way through, … More A Day out in Arles