Fifi’s French Adventure – Day 5 Video- All the way to Provence

Our drive down through France in Fifi with all the excitement and worry already seems like a distant memory.

Since arriving Fifi has just settled into life in Provence, happily pottering around the area – bimbling to brocantes, acting as a bike transporter from time to time and just generally getting to grips with the hills and roads in Provence.

The video of our final day’s drive has been a long time coming, not because its taken a long time to put together… More that in August our internet in the hamlet falls off the face of the earth. It is as if along with everyone else it takes a holiday from the start of August and after trying to upload it you YouTube and finding I had managed to do 31% of it in 18 hours I had to look for another option and our friends at Cent Cinq stepped in and offered me use of theirs.

So thanks to them you can now watch it here Fifi’s French Adventure Day 5

And see how we got on during that last day’s drive through the beautiful hills of the Corrèze, the spectacular landscape and nerve-wracking roads of The Gorges Du Tarn before the final réalisation that we were going to get home with her that evening.

It really was the most superb few days (yes even with the broken clutch) and we did have so much fun.

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