Fifi’s French Adventure – Day 5 Video- All the way to Provence

Our drive down through France in Fifi with all the excitement and worry already seems like a distant memory. Since arriving Fifi has just settled into life in Provence, happily pottering around the area – bimbling to brocantes, acting as a bike transporter from time to time and just generally getting to grips with the…

Day 4 of Fifi’s French Adventure… Video

a little video of Day 4 of our drive in our vintage Citroën 2CV across France to Provence. Fifi is back on the road again after her breakdown in The Dordogne and what fun it was to have her back

Fifi the cycle carrier

I Mentioned in yesterday’s post about the story of using 2CVs to set the categorisation of climbs in The Tour De France. It made us realise the final climb back to the house can only be done in 1st gear, so is a Category 1 climb, and to be honest pretty tough at the end…

Fifi’s French Adventure #Day 1

A little over 17 weeks ago Andy and I packed up the little house in Provence and headed back to the UK to be with the boys as COVID started to really take a grip and spread at a terrifying rate across the area. The last 4 months has seen us manage to redecorate the…

Fifi’s Colourful Life

Sometimes something happens that just makes us smile – that was certainly the case when someone commented on a Facebook Post about Fifi. As a result we now know so much about her rather colourful life over the last 49 years …. Effectively ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ for a 2CV!