Snail Syrup anyone??

It’s the weekend and often I find my mind wandering South towards the wonderful market that takes place in L’Isle Sur La Sorgue every Sunday morning. The markets of Provence are incredible but this is by far my favourite – a real assualt on the senses with the bright colours of the Provencal fabric draping the stands; the colours and scent of the range of herbs, spices, fruit and flowers that draw you ever deeper into the town and the flavours of the slices of saucisson, cheese and melons that are handed out from the stalls that pack the narrow streets. It’s always busy and great to visit at all times of the year, where you can watch the fruit change with the seasons (if it isn’t in season – it isn’t available!) – a big change to the Supermarkets here where you can buy just about anything all-year round, forsaking flavour for availability.

The general market is certainly worth the visit (and I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by it), but Sunday also hosts the weekly Antiques’ Market, with stall-holders laying out their goods along the side of the river that borders the front of the town. Here you will find everything from that ‘shabby chic’ cupboard or mirror you had always wanted, through to a strangely designed piece of artwork that you had never even imagined. Inevitably I find myself wandering through the stalls, drawn in by simple wooden coat hooks and old flour sacks, thinking about what I may be able to do with them if I ever had the time.

Sometimes though little things, like this old enamel sign, just make me smile –

I like to imagine what my children would say if I offered them a spoonful of ‘Snail Syrup’ to help them stay healthy – it makes anything I make with onion sound positively delicious!!


2 thoughts on “Snail Syrup anyone??

    1. How lovely – The Brocantes are just wonderful places to spend some time – we’ve visited the Ile De Re many times & you have a home in a wonderful place – we have great memories of cycling out with a baguette strapped to the back of the bike and sitting for hours in the sun watching the Oystermen go about their work at low tide – so relaxing


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