Lock, Stock & Barrel or a Foot in Both Camps

What seemed like a simple decision a few days ago, perhaps is slightly more complicated than we first thought (particularly as my husband’s cycling shorts have now finally dried out!!)

Don’t get me wrong the lure of living in the Luberon is huge, fuelled by the thought of sunshine, cycling (without getting soaked to the bone) and the markets where we can easily while away the hours ( not helped this week with the start of Channel 4’s new series French Collection – which has proved to be a must watch event each evening!)The issue we have come up against is twofold – can we really wait until both boys have left Secondary Education? and do we really want to burn all our boats here? It goes without saying that the sooner we can spend more time there, the better – so we have spent the last few days musing whether it may be possible

To begin with we thought about selling up & heading South as soon as our youngest leaves school, but as I mentioned in my first post we really do love where we live and actually the community here is very special and something that took a long time to find – so after a few days of looking at details of stunning properties on the edge of the beautiful hill villages that dominate the valley we came to our senses and started to look at whether there may be another option, which could see us realise our dream sooner, rather than later. It means that the beautiful houses fronted by fields of lavender and with driveways defined by Cypress trees are beyond us, but we could perhaps stretch to a do-er up-er – a little place that could be improved and possibly extended in the future, but in the right location.

So that is our current thinking – that could be possible in just over 12 months time, which will give us lots of time to think & really sort out where we want to be & what we actually need – but as we have woken today to mist so thick we can hardly see the end of the garden – it can’t come soon enough

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