A Colourful Autumn Drive in Fifi – new video

It’s hard to believe that we have had Fifi, our beautiful, bright red, 50 year old 2CV, for approaching 2 years, and we really couldn’t imagine being without her now. Although, as I write this, she is back in the garage, receiving more tender-loving care from Michel, after she decided she really didn’t fancy starting in the cold. To be honest, I often don’t feel like getting going in the cold either, but with me, it’s a little bit more complex than upgrading my ignition.

Fifi really isn’t that fond of snow!

She may have lightened our wallet, caused us to gain more than a few grey hairs, and certainly given us some headaches too, since we got her, but that said, there is something wonderful about having her, whether we simply hop in her to pop to the shops…

Plant shopping at Appy

perhaps drive to a boulangerie….

On our way home from Simiane

or take her up to Caseneuve, just to watch the sunset.

Simply perfect

Back in November, we took her for a drive to Rustrel, taking the opportunity of a glorious late-autumn day, to roll her roof back and drive through the vineyards and cherry orchards, all vibrant with their orange, red and almost fuschia pink leaves.

Fifi looking good amongst the autumn colours

We took the long-way round, enjoying the warm sun on our faces, as we drove up to Saignon, around to Bonnieux, and back through Apt, before heading up to Rustrel, and a much-needed, second breakfast at the superb boulangerie in the centre of the village.

Pretty Rustrel

It was such a beautiful day, and the valley looked spectacular, under vivid blue skies, with that incredible light, that we love so much. So we thought we’d record it, and hope you enjoy this little drive with us, behind the wheel of Fifi, as we potter through some of the prettiest spots in the Luberon, in search of croissants.

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