A Lavender-scented cycle ride to Sault – Video

A few weeks ago, when the fields were purple and the air was scented with Lavender, we took a ride across the Saint Christol Plateau to Sault, simply to enjoy the sight. Enjoy it with us now on YouTube A ride through the lavender

Beautiful lavender from Sault

It’s a ride we love to do as the views are always stunning and it’s a great way to see and experience the lavender fields on a bike.

Cycling through the fields is such a great experience

Previously we have just gone across to Sault, then back via Chateau Javon and Saint Saturnin les Apt, but last October (on a mission to find a Mont Ventoux snow-globe following an appeal on Twitter In search of a snow globe ) we extended the ride to come back on a road that overlooks the stunning Gorges de La Nesque. This is now a favourite route back for us, especially as there is a wonderful long downhill run from the Col de La Ligne all the way into the Luberon Valley when our legs are getting tired.

So rather than just try to paint a picture with words, we thought we’d take you with us on the bike.

Join us riding through the fields

Sit with a coffee (or as it’s Provence, a glass of Rosé) and join us on the peaceful roads, cycling through the stunning Provençal landscape and enjoy the views and above all, the spectacular colour of the lavender in full bloom.

Lavender and wild flowers near Sault

For the full sensory experience, perhaps have a lavender bag close at hand to sniff, whenever we go through the fields.

I hope you enjoy it… And if you’re planning coming over to see the fields in the future, consider leaving the car behind and take to 2 wheels…(here’s more information on Cycle hire and routes etc.)

You’ll experience the fields in a totally different way and I am sure you wouldn’t regret it…

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