And Pusscat came too….. 

Back in the UK we’re out every evening (come rain or shine) walking the dog either around the village or up through the gates onto Dartmoor – and there is always something lovely about watching the evening settle to dusk.

Our usual evening walk on Dartmoor

Here in France though we are without the dog at the moment. She hates the car and (if I’m honest) travelling in general & is very happy to while away her summers with a friend, spending her days playing on the beach, expecting everyone to love her as she plonks her wet, sandy bottom on their feet! 

Mille our Retriever having a ball with her oldest friend in Bude

We do though have Pusscat with us who seems to be very happy spending her second full summer in Provence & once again has adapted to the heat, spending her days collapsed in the shade or stalking the local wildlife, cicadas beng a real favourite!

Pusscat adapts quickly to her Provençal life

The only time she has got a little upset was when 2 orphaned kittens came to stay next door for a couple of weeks. They spent their evenings exploring our terrace and even trying to find their way into the house to chill out on the sofa! Pusscat was not the happiest of cats ……

One of the visiting kittens getting to grips with Andy

Back in Devon, she has a very chilled out life, tending to just spend her days sitting on the windowsill, keeping a close eye on the bird table and looking at us heading off with the dog, with that superior look only a cat can give…… 

Sometimes the birds on the bird table are a bit scary even for Pusscat!

Here in France though she seems to have adapted perfectly to her summer home (again) and almost seems to forget she’s a cat, taking on the dog’s role in our evening walks.

On our way back from a walk

Here we usually potter along the lane that leads out of our hamlet following the contour of the hill, with beautiful views towards The Luberon and Mourre Nègre….

Looking across to Caseneuve in the evening light

….. and the stunning village of Caseneuve, which is one of the best places near here to sit and watch the sunset.

Sunset from Caseneuve is a sight to behold

It’s a wonderfully peaceful place, with only the sound of the birds and insects as a soundtrack. That is until Pusscat started joining us on our evening wanders, so the quiet hum of insects and the wibbly call of Bee-Eaters is now interrupted from time to time by the slightly nervous yowl of the cat as she wants to make sure we wait for her!

Hang on I’m coming!!

I suppose it’s only a mile, but for a little cat with rather short legs that’s quite a long way, but she’s a determined little thing and follows at a short distance, walking past us when we stop, before turning & following again once she realises we’re heading home.

Our turning spot – and a quick sit down by the lavender field

It’s nice to have company on the walks and she’s actually no trouble, just pottering slowly along with us as we make our way as far as the little Fig Tree to pick a few Figs to munch on the way back.

Needless to say that Pusscat always has that slightly superior ‘cat-titude’ when she accompanies us, pretending she isn’t really walking with us but almost just keeping an eye on us to make sure we’re safe! 

Ever vigilant for any potential threat !

Not that she’d be much use if we were in danger, she’s not really a fighter. A few nights ago we woke in the middle of the night to the sound of a cat fight and worrying it was Pusscat Andy got up to get her in, opening the door onto the terrace, calling gently to her. Suddenly he became aware she had sloped out from the living room and was standing between his legs, looking tentatively outside then at Andy as if saying ‘You don’t want to go out there dad there’s a fight going on!’ – so I really don’t think she’d stare down a boar if we saw one on our walk! 

The views from the lane are stunning and it’s always a delightful way to end the day – it’s amazing just how long you can spend watching the birds head home to roost, or simply just a trail of ants carrying leaves and even dead wasps back to their nest. 

Moon rising over the harvested lavender

It won’t be long now till we pack her into the basket again for the long trip home and she’ll then revert to her usual home on a cushion watching out of the window as we head off for our evening walk, but for the next couple of weeks she’ll carry on in her role as our ‘dog-replacement’ and we’ll just enjoy our evening walks with her …….. although she isn’t as much fun when it comes to playing fetch! 

She’s just much happier sitting, watching & waiting to be fed!

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