Our Dream is a big step closer…..

As those who have been following my blog for the past year will know – our big dream has been to own a home in the Vaucluse, an area we have been visiting for the last 25 years and which already feels like a second home. We had felt that we wouldn’t be able to purchase a place there with the relatively small amount we have available, but after changing our search parameters a little and talking to Agents, we found we were being sent details of properties that we would not have looked at considering them to be out of our price range. What was evident this time around was that sellers seemed more willing to consider offers than we had found in the past and in fact one was willing to consider an offer 70,000 Euros below the original asking price for the property.

julie's phone 220515 013
Happily this time around we have been able to look at properties with a roof & a view – shame this lovely old Mazet near Oppede isn’t for sale – it would be a lovely little property after quite a lot of work!!

So last week we were delighted that we’d made an offer on a house near Apt (a very short distance from the delightful ‘Veloroute du Calavon’), which had been accepted and that we had already spoken to a local Notaire about acting for us in the development of a Compromis de Vente.

julie's phone 260515 004
With the Veloroute du Calavon at the end of the road we will have quick access to the whole valley

It has to be said that this week has been a ‘whistle-stop’ tour of the legal processes associated with buying a property in France and thanks to a very efficient and approachable Notaire in Apt we have signed the Compromis de Vente and all being well, at the end of April, we will take possession of our little home in the area.

Hoepfully when we take possession of the house this field of lavender just behind us will be coming into bloom ……


I must admit that to begin with we were a little wary of just using a French Notaire, having read articles about the benefits of using a specialist solicitor from the UK, but after our experiences a few weeks ago, when we couldn’t get hold of the one we had appointed here following a call to say we were being gazumped, we decided this time to use a Notaire suggested by the Estate Agents. http://gosseinpages-apt.notaires.fr/ an approach supported by many readers who have been in touch to say that they have taken this approach and not experienced any problems – so thanks for the advice.

From the first phone call to them the process has been very efficient and we have received information about the property and process on an almost daily basis. The lady dealing with our purchase has been available, when we have rung the office to talk through any queries we have had, once we have read through the papers that have been sent across by e-mail. Although we have chatted in French I have no doubt that they would have been able to deal with our queries in English too (as their phone system is operated in both languages – to the background music of ‘Uptown Funk’ – so much nicer than the ‘Musak’ we usually have to endure!!).

As such we happily completed a Power of Attorney document, which allowed them to sign the Compromis on our behalf and so by the middle of next week we should receive the actual papers by post and from then will have a 10 day period to walk away from the purchase if we want to (in our case highly unlikely as this isn’t what you may call an impulse-buy!) and then we will be bound into the purchase.

Of course there are always things in the papers that need to be examined in more detail and the diagnostic reports highlight that we will need to have a few bits of the electrical system in the house checked, but certainly nothing too serious and having visited the property three times ahead of making an offer we are happy with its condition and the work that will be needed is certainly nothing that will worry us. Having renovated 10 houses in England over the years, we are generally happy now to know what we are looking for and not to have a survey carried out (something which actually isn’t a matter of course in France house purchases)

So that’s it – after 25 years of dreaming -(and if everything goes to plan) -we should take possession of the house just before the end of April and so have started to plan how we can make the most of this summer there, with the likelihood being that my hubby and I will be out there on a revolving door basis for the first few months, just to get ourselves established in the area.

The pretty village of Caseneuve , not far from the house will be a regular little cycle ride – apparently there are superb figs on a tree near this fountain

As things stand at the moment we’re sitting on our hands, trying not to start buying things for the house too soon, although I keep looking at the forthcoming Antiques & Art Fair at L’Isle Sur La Sorgue, http://www.foire-islesurlasorgue.com/ trying to work out if there is a way I could fit in a sneaky trip to hunt for pieces for the house …..

julies phone 070915 239
More ‘shabby-chic’ painted furniture than you could ever imagine at last year’s event

Probably not!!!

So I’m satisfying myself with making copious lists of what we need to do (there’s nothing like a nice list to make me happy!!) although I have to admit that we have succumbed in one area and have made our first big purchase ….. 4 new bikes so that we can fully enjoy the area whenever we’re there – with the cycling routes that we can take from the front door I can’t think of a better investment!

julies phone 170515 059
A favourite ride up to Gordes

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12 thoughts on “Our Dream is a big step closer…..

  1. My husband and I used Gossein and Pages Notaires as well, and they were the most responsive French business I have ever dealt with, and being French, I have dealt with many! And it made it even more difficult being that we were buying our house all the way from the United States and I don’t think we would have managed without those guys! So excited for you and dying to know in which village you ended up buying! 🙂


    1. Hi & thanks – they’ve been superb all the way through & very responsive as you say – they’ve made everything so easy – it’s been a pleasure. We’re actually buying in a small hamlet just above the Veloroute on the road up to Caseneuve – literally 5 mins from Apt & not too far away from you at all !!


  2. Congratulations! It was one year ago almost to the day that we finally managed to sign the papers on our place in Talloires, on the Lac d’Annecy. For us the process of compromis through to final signing was LONG – and, like you, we had to have the compromis signed on our behalf as we live in Australia. We knew the area well, having lived there for several years, but had not actually seen through the house – brave or crazy I’m not sure. The only thing that I know is that time is too short to keep waiting for that elusive ‘right time’. I came to this post through Andrea’s ‘favourite’ lists, so I’ll have a look around! And, well done, again …


    1. Thanks – a house near Lac Annecy sounds wonderful – my hubby & sons have stayed there & cycled around the area a few times when they’ve been en route to Provence & talk about how stunning it is. As you say we could just have gone on forever, waiting for the ‘right’ time so have taken the plunge & I’m sure we won’t regret it. I hope you enjoy your house in Talloires & thanks again for the comment


  3. We use Pages-Gossein for both our house purchases and they were very good. We signed the Compromis on our current house 24 hours after agreeing to buy it. Now that was frighteningly quick, but so glad we did. We often use the Vélo route and go through Caseneuve when we go out with the Apt cyclotouriste club. Glad it is all going well.

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    1. Thanks – they’ve been so efficient and it has just made us realise how everything really wasn’t right with the original purchase at Uzes. I must admit we thought a week was quick – 24hrs is incredible!! We’re just off the road up to Caseneuve & Andy is already plotting the cycle rides he wants to go on ( one of the main drivers for buying a house as cycling plans for Dartmoor are so often scuppered by the weather!!) – it’s also going to be a good training area for the summer’s Moor to Med cycle – although I’m going to be at the house as a support unit now whilst Andy & the boys do the ride – all being well we should take possession by the end of April – we can’t wait


    1. Thanks 😀 we’re just planning all the changeovers that we need to do this summer as one of us will be in the house from when we take it over until mid-September – so far have flights, TGV, tunnel & very long bike ride booked!!


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