7 thoughts on “What’s French for Gazumped?

  1. Was this offer €10,000 more than the asking price? I’m pretty sure in French law that they have to accept your offer if it’s the asking price and submitted first which is why there isn’t as much gaze ping in France as elsewhere? The estate agent went straight to you, not through your solicitor so if you did agree to pay the asking price then maybe he/she could do something.
    I’m so sorry to hear this has happened. I know, if your like me, you’ve made a million plans for your new home.

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    1. Unfortunately we’d had an offer accepted just below the asking price so really have no comeback- we’re back to house hunting today & have another trip booked for a couple of weeks time – so fingers crossed that it has fallen through for a reason


      1. That’s was my thought – it had fallen through for a reason – but sometimes you don’t want to hear that at the time. I’m a Catholic and as Catholic is, nominally at least, a catholic country I’ll say a prayer to st Joseph for you to find a home.

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  2. I’m very sorry to hear about this situation, Vaucluse Dreamer! What is so sad is that this could have been avoided entirely if you’d hired your own buyer’s agent. Really frustrating to see this happen. In my article here: http://www.provencesearch.com/is-gazumping-possible-in-france/ I explain how you can protect yourself during the risky period after agreeing a price and BEFORE signing the compromis. After the Compromis, you’re safe in France – whereas in England and Wales you can still be gazumped during the period before completion. But before signing you’re more vulnerable in France than elsewhere as explaiend in my above article. You should have immediately signed an offre d’achat – countersigned by the vendor – that protected your interests (i.e. not a standard form “rag”). If you want to avoid being gazumped again (the market is changing and becoming more of a vendor’s market for good properties) and also avoid paying too much, then do contact my fellow exclusive buyer’s agent in Uzes – Pierre Guillery. He knows the entire market, including private sales, and can save you a lot of time and money. Good luck!

    Sophia Mose
    Provence Search
    Agent Immobilier – exclusive buyer’s agent
    Member of the Federation Nationale des Chasseurs Immobiliers (FNCI)
    (Also French Property Journalist)


    1. Hi Sophie – thanks for the advice & the link. We had instructed a specialist solicitor in the UK as we thought that would help us avoid problems like these but unfortunately not, but we will keep going


      1. Solicitors can’t do much at a distance. They’re useful for reviewing the compromis and acte and for giving tax planning and inheritance advice. They often send clients wanting to buy in France to Provence Search or other members of The French Property Finders. They know that as licensed buyer’s agents and members of the FNCI, we protect the interests of the buyer during negotiations and the offre d’achat. Buyers really need their own representation on the ground in France. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity. Search agents also can advise as to the best area to buy in and which villages to avoid. And they save you time and money!! It’s a real no-brainer . . Good luck with it all and feel free to contact me if you need some advice. . . . . .


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