Fifi’s French Adventure – Day 3 video

We’re quite enjoying putting these little videos together now. The Sunflower fields were stunning, but the sight of Fifi being loaded onto the back of a recovery truck is so sad.

Hopefully you can also see why we love the view from the Hotel L’Esplanade as we push open the shutters….. It is Jaw-droppingly beautiful

Vaucluse Dreamer YouTube – Fifi’s French Adventure Day 3

It’s taken me a few days to do this one due to a little bit of sadness, but also a few technical glitches in getting my phone to talk to my computer, but here it is and I hope you enjoy it.

We’ll be loading more videos as the trip continues this weekend and also others of our life in Provence so please subscribe to the YouTube channel if you want to see them as they’re posted.

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