Watching the Sunset at Caseneuve

We’ve had a bit of a shift around of the furniture on our terrace this summer and if I’m honest I wish we’d done it years ago. Since buying the house we’ve had ‘Conversation-corner’ , which is made up of a couple of old iron cots, with old futon mattresses, throws and cushions, surrounded by…

Fifi the cycle carrier

I Mentioned in yesterday’s post about the story of using 2CVs to set the categorisation of climbs in The Tour De France. It made us realise the final climb back to the house can only be done in 1st gear, so is a Category 1 climb, and to be honest pretty tough at the end…

A little cycle around Lioux

Since arriving back without Fifi we’ve been out on the bikes every day, just settling in and getting back under the skin of the area. It’s been a delight to be out on the quiet roads, just enjoying the peace that we find here. We both feel there is a simple and almost childlike joy…

Back in Provence and a sensory massage

It would be fair to say that it has taken us a couple of days to settle down into life again in Provence after having spent 17 weeks in the UK (the longest time we’ve spent there since we bought our house here 4 years ago). Then there was the additional little spanner thrown into…

Fifi’s Colourful Life

Sometimes something happens that just makes us smile – that was certainly the case when someone commented on a Facebook Post about Fifi. As a result we now know so much about her rather colourful life over the last 49 years …. Effectively ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ for a 2CV!

Pottering in Provence #1

Missing The Vaucluse and watching any programmes we can find that mention Provence. Everything seems focused on Marseille and The Camargue, so we’ve started thinking about where we would go and what we would see instead

Keeping in touch

Continuing to learn french and keeping in touch with Provence in a ‘virtual world’