Travelling again

After a gentle weekend, today has been another mad travelling day, and considering it was only organised in Friday, it’s actually gone rather well. This weekend, it really did feel as if Spring was forcing her way forward, with me stopping in my tracks, whilst we were out walking, on hearing the lilting (and simply … More Travelling again

A Day out in Arles

This week has flown by, to the extent that it feels as if someone has been playing with time. Whereas last week the days slipped comfortably by, these last 7 days have hurtled past, with so much going on that it’s been hard to keep up. It’s felt as if I’ve stumbled my way through, … More A Day out in Arles

What a Week.. 2 Goodbyes, 1 Birthday and an Engagement

I’m sitting here, almost not knowing where to start with this week’s blog as so much has taken place in the last 7 days. It would be fair to say that our heads are spinning with everything that’s happened, in a week that has seen us meeting ourselves coming backwards, and generally feeling as if … More What a Week.. 2 Goodbyes, 1 Birthday and an Engagement