Exploring By Bike

There is something about pottering around this area on two wheels that simply makes my heart sing, as it’s just such a delight for all your senses: It may be the beautiful views, perhaps taking a moment or two to sit on a wall watching the sunlight shift across the landscape, or laying the bike … More Exploring By Bike

Beyond the Véloroute #15.. A ‘Welcome to the Valley’ ride

There is one ride we do again and again, the only thing that alters is the way round we do it and where we have breakfast. It’s a ride that takes you to some of the prettiest villages in the area, pottering along the quiet back roads, with incredible views and lots of places to … More Beyond the Véloroute #15.. A ‘Welcome to the Valley’ ride

Cycle Hire and Info

Cycling in and around Provence is simply delightful, there are plenty of Bike Hire companies for both traditional and e-bikes and lots of great routes to find and ride: Velo Loisir Provence – this is a superb local organisation that promotes and supports cycling across the area. A font of all knowledge on cycling in … More Cycle Hire and Info