About us….

30 years ago we fell in love with the Luberon, after stumbling across it, whilst ambling around France in a borrowed caravan. Expecting only to stay for a couple of days we found ourselves leaving with just enough time to get back to the Ferry, we were hooked.

Since then we’ve dreamed of being able to spend more time there, pottering around the back roads on our bikes..


…exploring the area


…and eating with the seasons from the wonderful local markets.


A few years ago we finally achieved our dream of owning our own little bolt-hole there and now lead a split life between Devon and Provence, spending as much time as we can there, getting further under the skin of the area that we love.

On this site we’ll share everything from cycling and walking routes, local history, favourite villages, markets and brocante fairs, together with other activities & places we love to visit as well as our ongoing efforts to renovate and furnish our little house.

Some places are well known, but others are a little bit off the beaten track and open up a more hidden Provence than you may find in the guide books.


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  1. rosiebeach says:

    Lovely! I’m struggling with a 5.5 year “fear of flying…” … but the minute I can get over it, I’m hoping to spend a month in France! We lived in Valence for one year, but I flew home to California many times that year to a sick dad. Hoping next May to fly out… I don’t want to miss Fête de la Musique in Provence! I just adore your blog!! Hope to meet you there sometime for a bike ride.

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased you enjoy it…. The fear of flying must be hard and I hope you can overcome it, although I know it will take time… The goal of a month in France should help, especially around the time of the Fête de la Musique…. Take care & thanks again


  2. Christine Millyard says:

    Bonjour! I discovered your blog via a link on Twitter. I’ve had a quick scan and looked at your photos (will read more thoroughly later) Your photos evoked so many memories of the 10 years that I lived in the Luberon and all that I learnt. I lived in Lauris, worked freelance in the area and Aix as a tutor to expat children teaching English literacy skills. I see that you visited Menerbes, across the flat valley is a teeny abbey that was a ruin. An elderly Parisian lady bought it and raised money to restore it. Delightful little place with a garden that should by now be quite mature, fabulous views and in summer by candlelight lovely concerts. St Hilaire between Menerbes and La Coste. Just outside Ansouis there’s an artisanale glacée where you can sit on a terrace (great views) and sample their ice creams and sorbets, many flavoured with flowers etc. from the Luberon/Provence areas. Lavender is to die for! Have you discovered these two gems?
    I’ve been back a few years now, but I do miss being there. ‘I’ve made a couple of return trips but not the same as living there! Maybe this Autumn I’ll return again?
    Really enjoy reading about your experiences. Thanks for sharing. Regards Chris
    on a side note, my daughter lives in deepest Devon!


    1. Thanks for getting in touch, we love the area so much and I’m so pleased that you have found my blog. I know the Abbaye well, as it’s on one of our regular cycle routes and is a beautiful little place… I must admit I haven’t discovered that ice-cream shop yet, but will look for it next tie we head across to Lauris. Despite being able to spend so much time there, we always hate having to leave and it certainly feels like home to us in so many ways. I hope you are able to head back again soon… I must admit we love autumn there when the busy-ness of the summer has gone, but the days are still warm and long and it has a wonderful gentle peace about it. Thanks again and I hope you continue to enjoy my blogs… Best wishes… Julie


  3. Carole Brown, Learning Coach and Repatterning Practitioner says:

    Bonjour! I’ve been looking for blogs about moving to and settling in France to help me with my own plans. Thank you for your wonderful storytelling and for keeping me optimistic about what is possible.

    Nest week I’m about to take my second exploratory trip to Provence this year to view more areas and am excited to be seeing the Luberon. With only two or three days there, can you suggest which places to visit? Thank you.

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    1. Thanks and I’m pleased you enjoyed it… We really had lost hope of finding a place there, but somehow everything aligned and we are so happy. If you’re popping down to take a look at the area I would suggest visiting Bonnieux, Gordes and Roussillon as the main places that the area is so well known for.. But house-wise depending on what you are looking for perhaps some of the other villages including Saint Saturnin D’Apt (nicely placed and with a great community and weekly market), Apt for the larger town living, which has a nice historic heart and one of the best markets in the area and perhaps Lourmarin on the south side of the Luberon, which is incredibly pretty, has a nice community with lots going on and again a fantastic weekly market. I hope that helps… I am sure you will have a wonderful few days, it really is a stunning area… Please contact me if you have any questions that I may be able to help with…


  4. Carole Brown, Learning Coach and Repatterning Practitioner says:

    Thank you very much for your suggestions on places to visit. I do have a couple of questions and wonder if I can email you directly? Perhaps you can email me with your address to keep things private? I think my email address will show up in the comments section of your dashboard.


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