Velodyssey Day 3 Rohan to Guenrouët

Distance cycled …… 69.2 miles So boys how would you sum up today in 3 words?…… Heat, Mileage, Flowers! So yesterday certainly wasn’t the easiest of days for the boys, in fact it’s probably best to say that they’ve had a rather eventful first couple of days in France.  Yesterday’s major wheel-failure meant they had … More Velodyssey Day 3 Rohan to Guenrouët

3 boys, 3 bikes, 1 tent – 1500km – 11 days to go

I can’t believe it, the Tour de France has started, the wonderfully jolly music that goes with the coverage is a constant refrain at home and seemingly all of a sudden it’s only 11 days until they start their cycle.  All being well two weeks today the boys will be starting their third full day … More 3 boys, 3 bikes, 1 tent – 1500km – 11 days to go

3 months to go

I think it’s fair to say that we now have enough equipment to stock a small shop – in fact we recently opened the door of our Chapel for me to sell some of my jewellery (yes I know it sounds posh, but it came free with the house & has proved to be very useful!) and more than … More 3 months to go