We’ve never really been able to sit by a pool whilst we’re on holiday and instead spend as much time as we can out on our bikes, exploring the back roads, tackling the hills and seeking out new places to visit that are a little bit off the beaten track.

To be honest there’s so many great rides  to be done that we never really stop and wonder ‘what shall we do today’ and the activity means that we never have to feel guilty about stopping for a croissant! (or maybe two).

We are incredibly lucky where we are, having the wonderful Veloroute du Calavon at the bottom of the road, which offers flat, safe, off-road cycling along the valley floor from Robion nearly to Cereste.

There is also Mont Ventoux a short distance away with its iconic climb, so often the scene of great drama on The Tour De France, together with many other climbs, taken not only by the TDF, but also the Paris-Nice race amongst others.

It’s fair to say that my cycling has improved hugely since we started spending so much more time there, heading out on my bike ‘Miss Daisy’, so much so that I have even started to enjoy the hills!

I haven’t quite gone as far as Andy & our 2 boys though, who in 2016 cycled from our home on Dartmoor to Sete on the South Coast of France – an incredible ride of just under 1000 miles, which they completed in 12 days on the saddle, whilst I pottered around Provence. Their ride was subject of a different blog Moor to Med by Bike – quite an adventure from start to finish!

Below are links to some of our favourite rides –

A cycle to awaken the senses

Beyond the end of the Veloroute – cycle #1 to Cereste

Beyond the end of the Veloroute – cycle #2 Saignon

Beyond the end of the Veloroute- cycle #3 Simiane La Rotonde 

Beyond the Veloroute- cycle #4 over the top to Sault

Beyond the Veloroute – cycle #5 – Cherries, Lavender & the Ochres of Roussillon

Beyond the Veloroute – cycle #6 from Sade to Saignon

Beyond the Veloroute cycle #7 – Reillanne, Vachères & views to the Alps

Beyond the Veloroute cycle #8 – Through the Vineyards

Beyond the Veloroute cycle #10 – a couple of Thursday markets

Beyond the Veloroute #11 Mont Ventoux & the Gorges de la Nesque

Cycling, Coffee & Croissants! 

Watching the Tour de France on Mont Ventoux – What a day! 

‘Chapeau’ to The Tour de France 

Trains Planes, Cars & Bikes

Two Weeks in Provence – Day 13 – A short cycle taking the whole day

Two Weeks in Provence -Day 9 – A quiet cycle & the ‘Fete de L’Olivier’

Two Weeks in Provence – Day 8 – A family picnic & an unexpectedly hilly cycle

Two Weeks in Provence – Day 6 – Back on the bike & head-on into the Mistral

Two Weeks in Provence – Day 4 – 3 great reasons to cycle uphill for lunch

Two Weeks in Provence – Day 3 – A Market & Hilltop Villages’ Ride

Two weeks in Provence – Day 2 – Up with the lark and a day on the bike

C is for Cycling