16 thoughts on “We’ve hit the ceiling… Banking in France

      1. Crikey, no I’ve never hit it at all , I’ve been asked if I’m happy to proceed, but never stopped as I am not allowed to transfer more than a certain amount at a time


  1. Every day is a learning day isn’t it! I had a similar experience in 2007, we’d just paid for a ring to commemorate our silver wedding, I then went to the farm shop for some shopping. My was refused, but I had a text message to call the bank. They wanted to check with that the card holder was still using the card as it was unusual for me to make a large transaction at a jewellers. I confirmed the previous purchase and was able to pick up my meat and veg πŸ˜‚

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    1. So embarrassing …. We had similar once when they security checked us, when we were doing a clothes shop in Bath, after our youngest was born They said the spending pattern was unusual as we had been to several clothes shops πŸ˜‚


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